Meeting 12th September 2019

The Steering Committee of the European GMO-free Regions Network will meet on 12th September 2019 under the chairmanship of Ms State Secretary Dr. Tappeser in the Hessian state representation in Brussels. The representatives of regional governments from six EU Member States will exchange views on the future work program.

Miss Dr. Astrid Brandt (Hesse) reports on

  • ECJ ruling and GMO-free: objection or not?
  • Gene Drives: Update on the German Safety Regulation (GenTSV)
  • Ornamental plant monitoring in Hesse - results and further planning

Represented by the State Secretary of the Hessian Ministry for Environment, Climate Protection, Agriculture and Consumer Protection Hesse has held the Presidency of the European GMO-free Regions Network since 18th October 2017. There are 64 regional governments in this network.