Steering Committee 16.05.2018

State Secretary at the Hessian Ministry for Environment, Climate Protection, Agriculture and Consumer Protection, Beatrix Tappeser, welcomes the participants and starts a short round of introductions. There are no amendments to the agenda.

News and Current Developments

• New Website - appeal for cooperation and support, news from network members

Ms. Tappeser presents the draft of the new website and asks for welcome messages in the languages of the regions represented in the network. These should be posted on the website, if possible with photos. Further contributions and comments are welcome. The launch of the website is scheduled for the end of May and will be announced by mail. The entire website is publicly accessible, i.e. a login is not required.

Mr. Lonauer notes that the list of declarations may not be complete and agrees to review it. The order should be adjusted so that the list starts with the latest document. Under "Documents" an additional tab for legal texts might be inserted (only EU legislation). There are no concerns about disclosing the protocols of the SC meetings on the public website.

Ms. Lepen points out that the Sisak-Moslavina region is no longer represented by her. She wants to look after a new contact person.

In France, the number of regions has decreased after the restructuring. Mr. Lonauer will have the map adjusted and tries to get more information from France.

Continued in the protocol ...

on the rooftop of the hessian state office in brussels
on the rooftop of the hessian state office in brussels